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Enjoying the outdoors does not come without its challenges. On hot summer days we seek the relief of shade, we seek cover during spring showers, and warmth in early fall. Your ability to fully realize the potential of your property does not need to be limited to perfect days with no rain that are not too hot or too cold. Structures in the landscape allow us to maximize the usefulness of your outdoor space. Pergolas provide shade, pavilions provide open air protection from the elements and the potential of a pool house is nearly limitless. Bringing the convenience of a full bathroom, kitchen, changing and laundry room to your pool space greatly increase functionality while reducing the residual damage to your home by guests running in and out to use the facilities. Structures can also extend the useable season for your outdoor space. Combing a fire feature with an outdoor structure create a warm comfortable space in which you can enjoy those chilly fall nights. More recently, the popularity of including entertainment technology in the design of residential landscapes has grown exponentially. Bringing HDTV, sound systems and even projectors outdoors to create your own private “drive-in” theater add another dimension to your entertaining experience and it is structures in the landscape provide the opportunity for these wonderful finishing touches.