Our Process

Initial Consultation

Once contacted by a potential client we will buy a research paper online a place and time to meet in order to discuss the scope of the project, budgets, and other vital information. During this meeting we are interested in discovering the client’s wishes for the space, what is liked about the space as it is, what challenges are being faced and what is to be changed. Client’s thoughts and opinions are always vital to our process especially during this initial meeting. If there are plants, materials, colors etc. which you dislike, we want to know! Following this meeting we will prepare our proposal for services to be provided which we will present to you personally. The proposal will fully outline each drawing we intend to complete, a time table for when the drawings shall be completed, and terms of our service. We like to present these personally so that we can immediately discuss any questions or concerns you may have. Our initial consultation and proposal are free of charge.

Conceptual Design

After a signed proposal is received, we will complete our initial concept design. This will encompass all things discussed within our meeting and, should you grant us permission to imagine, may include additional features beneficial to the aesthetics or functionality of the project. In order to insure clarity of the design, the standard plans may be accompanied by additional visualization aids such as color renderings, photo-realistic imagery, three dimensional digital or physical models, diagrams, section drawings, or construction details. Once these are completed we will contact you in order to establish a date, location and time to meet in order to present them to you. During this meeting we invite questions and criticism. This is your project, the main focus of our process is to insure that you enjoy the final product and feel secure in that the investment you made was the right one.

Master Planning

Following our Initial Concept presentation we will record, digest and integrate your comments into the design. Though our goal for this stage is to establish a final set of drawings, ready for bidding and construction, we invite further comments and will gladly revise the drawings until what is on paper directly represents the visions and goals for the project. These finalized plans will be what the contractor will need in order to fully understand and accurately construct the project. This is also where we attempt to address the issues which may arise during construction and resolve them before it costs our client time or money.

Bidding & Contractor Selection

Once a final plan is established, we offer the service of preparing and providing a cut sheet for the project. This document will be based on the materials specified on the plan. During this time it may be necessary to revise the master plan based on the expected cost of construction in order to remain within your budget. This is a service which we provide during this stage in order to insure that the documents which the contractor receives directly correlate with the materials which are affordable and readily available. The cut sheet will show quantities of each material required to install the project as designed and will be bound together in a bid packet which will be given to contractors in order to obtain their quote for the job.

Eden Design works closely with a core group of established, state licensed and fully insured industry professionals who share the same pride in workmanship, honesty, and integrity as Eden Design employees. For these reasons we have selected them specifically to install our designs because getting our designs from paper to reality requires a specialized set of skills, personality and professionalism not all installers possess. We generally suggest that our clients meet with our contractors, review their work and get to know them as we do in order to determine if you would like them to submit a quote on your project. Of course we will also gladly assist in selecting other contractors to submit the bid packet to for your review upon your request.

Project Management

Once your project receives the approval of the overseeing agency or town, we offer complete project management services. While several companies may offer a similar service, we feel that our dedication to excellence, professionalism, and commitment to your project are second to none. We share a unique connection to each project and have a common goal with each client in terms of construction in that we want the best possible product brought in on schedule and within budget. Each design is our fingerprint, they share our personality and character, what they lack however is the exposure. The only way our designs can achieve this exposure is through the construction process bringing the design to life. The more precisely they are constructed, the closer to our intent and vision they become.

Project management is the complete overseeing of this construction process from initial ground breaking to final clean up. We set a budget with our client, search out and select all materials, hire all contractors, organize when they are to be on-site, and more importantly, handle all issues which come up throughout the installation process. The goal behind this service is to take the pressure off the client and eliminate the loss of information through translation back and forth between several contractors and the client. Weekly status updates are relayed to our client either by one-on-one meetings or by email correspondence. This is where specific conflicts, scheduling or budget changes will be addressed in order to keep the construction moving forward.

The construction process does not have to be a mentally taxing ordeal, it is meant to be a fun transition from the old to the new. Let Eden Design take the weight off your shoulders while you focus on your normal obligations, we’ll handle the dirty work.