Firm Profile

1Our Philosophy – “The creation of great spaces, the essence of design”

Every site offers a specific and individual set of design challenges, at Eden Design we believe that great spaces in the landscape are a direct product of the unique design process which creatively addressed each challenge with a responsible and aesthetic solution. In order to address the nature of each site, we tailor our approach according to the requested program, project scope, required timeline, existing architectural style and budget of each project.

We take our role as stewards of the environment seriously and our process works to find balance between human programming and natural systems. We believe in a multidirectional approach to design that draws influence from the principles of sustainability, and environmentalism and aims to integrate new technologies with time tested precedent.

1About Us

Eden Design is a full service design firm focused on the creation of great spaces for our residential, commercial, public and municipal clientele. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, workmanship and an unsurpassed dedication to education which we feel is an absolute necessity in order to stay in line with advancing ecological, environmental and architectural technology. The education gained is utilized through the communication each of our designs through a combination of 3-dimensional models, and photorealistic imagery in addition to more traditional plans to create a crystal clear image of what the design will look like when constructed.

While each of these are important, we feel that the single most beneficial factor to our process is direct and comfortable communication between our designers and our clients. The working relationships we establish promote carefree conversation where true reactions and concerns can be expressed by our clients knowing that they will be received by caring individuals who will in turn, incorporate them into the design. We enjoy opinion, and aim for collaboration but of course, never shy from a project where our client may not be sure of what they would like.


Eden Design is led by Joseph Polacek, a graduate of the Landscape Architecture program at Rutgers University, who also holds a prior degree in architecture. Practicing since 2000, Joe has accrued a diverse skill set that serves as the foundation for the beautiful, functional design solutions he provides his clients. His responsibilities include conceptual design, master planning, custom swimming pool design, commercial and municipal design, project management, and bidding. He prides himself on his work ethic, professionalism, and quality of his designs.

In his personal time, Joe, an ex-college athlete, is an avid sports fan and outdoorsman enjoying skiing, hiking, and fishing.